Friday, March 2, 2012

Impossible >>> I'm Possible

A Glimpse into the life of school age children at my house...

Homework Time
The math problems are "impossible" to be solved.

Poetry Reciting 
It's "impossible" to remember the whole thing.

Dinner Time
I'm full already, it's "impossible" for me to finish my plate.

If you can't tell by now, if I get a dollar for every "impossible" I hear, I would be able to retire tody.

We talk a lot about "trying," "practicing," "doing," and even "praying."
We emphasize the values of "Not Giving Up", "Give It Your Best," and "Achieve Your Own Goals,"
But kids will be kids...complain, complain, complain!

The latest "impossibility" is piano practice for an upcoming recital.
If it's not the notes, then it's the tempo, or the techniques, even the ending gesture.

So I did what all moms in the 21th century would do...Go To Youtube...
Searched piano...and of course for Lang Lang...showed them the following video.
Mine are no goal is just for them to be able to read notes.

Just for a few minutes, I got them to stop complaining! :0)

Lang Lang & Marc Yu - Schubert Fantasia Part I 
(you can find part ii & part iii on youtube)

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